Baratza Sette™ 270

Baratza Sette™ 270


The Standard For High Performance Home Espresso Grinders

The Baratza Sette™ 270 grind your beans with exceptional flavours. A unique grind adjustment dial borrows from both stepped and stepless adjusters to get you expertly dialed-in without the time commitment or wasted beans. Supplementary features include three programmable grind doses, adjustable container/portafilter arms and a tool-free disassembly for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Sette’s drop through design offers low retention and high-speed grinding in a small platform.

Baratza, new grind, new brew.

Product Code: SETTE270

Baratza Sette™ 270
Baratza Sette™ 270

Product Features


A built-in convertible holder, unique to the Baratza Sette 270, allows you to grind directly into your portafilter, the supplied grounds bin, or most of the popular brewing devices (V60, Clever, Able Kone, etc.). The rubber sleeves on the arms are fully rotational allowing you the option to position them in a way that best suits the tool/brew-method you are using. The arms can accommodate portafilters from sizes 49mm to 58mm and the holder includes an integrated hook for stability.

The Sette’s grounds bin is made from an anti-static plastic, with a molded spout for easy pouring into your preferred brewing device. It has a usable capacity of 160g (Med Roast).


The Baratza Sette 270 has a macro adjust of 30 steps, grinding from espresso to manual brew. A step-less micro adjust with 9 indicators, allows the user to easily dial in a perfect espresso. The macro/micro mechanism is directly connected to the cone burr resulting in immediate and true grind adjustment.


The Sette Series is designed with a small footprint, ideal for home kitchens, offices, brew bars and catering.


The cone burr is easily removable with no tools, making cleaning very easy.


To maximize freshness, the Sette minimizes the ground coffee left in the grinder.


The Sette 270 is exceptional for all brewing methods, from espresso to manual brew.


A powerful, high torque DC motor drives the Sette. The circuitry is equipped with an automatically resetting, thermal cutoff switch.

Included Accessories

  • 160g Capacity Grounds Bin
  • 5mm hex key & 2mm hex key
  • Shims

Product Specifications

  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 300 grams
  • Construction Materials: Plastic Housing, 40mm Stainless Steel Conical Burrs
  • Dimensions: 13 x 40 x 24 cm
  • Adjustment Configuration: 3 programmable buttons for grind time settings up to 40 seconds with 0.01 second precision
  • Power: 240 Watts
  • Settings: Offering 30 responsive macro-adjustments plus 9 marked settings of stepless micro-adjustment
  • Voltage: 220–240 volts
  • Plug: 3-pin UK/SG Plug

Package Details

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions15 × 39 × 30 cm
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