Payment Method

Payment methods available at BrewRatio

At BrewRatio, we provide our customers with multiple payment methods to ensure that their payment experience is seamless and convenient. You have the flexibility to choose from PayNow transfer, credit card, monthly payment plan with ShopBack PayLater, PayLater by Grab, or Atome. Our goal is to cater to our customers’ varying payment preferences and make sure that we offer a payment option that works best for them.

1. Payment currency

The prices listed on BrewRatio’s website are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). Upon checkout, you will be charged in SGD, and the equivalent amount in your local currency will be determined by your bank.

2. Payment gateway

BrewRatio partners with three leading online payment gateways, HitPay, Stripe, and ShopBack, to provide support for the most commonly used payment methods. We guarantee the security of all transactions on our website through 100% SSL encryption.

3. Payment method accepted

With the support of the payment gateways listed above, BrewRatio accepts a range of popular payment methods, including credit cards, PayNow, and instalment payments. You are sure to find a payment option that works best for you.

4. Credit card charging via Hitpay

For credit card payments processed through HitPay, you will be redirected to their secure payment portal during checkout. HitPay accepts VisaMasterCard & American Express. After a successful payment on HitPay’s portal, you will be redirected back to our order confirmation page. Please double-check your purchase before proceeding with a credit card payment, as refunds will not be issued for any mistakes made during the process.


Your credit card information will be securely handled by HitPay.

5. Credit card charging via Stripe 

When paying by credit card through Stripe, your credit card will be charged at checkout regardless of product availability. Stripe accepts VisaMasterCardAmerican Express, ApplePay & GooglePay. Please ensure accuracy before making a credit card purchase, as refunds will not be issued for any mistakes.


BrewRatio stores your credit card information securely with 100% SSL encryption, and it will only be used for transactions with Stripe. Your credit card information will not be shared with any external organizations, and its safe handling is guaranteed by Stripe.

6. Instalment plan via ShopBack PayLater

7. ApplePay & GooglePay via Stripe

8. PayNow (Singapore only)

BrewRatio accepts payments through PayNow via Hitpay. After reaching the checkout page, you will be redirected to Hitpay’s secure payment portal. A unique QR code will be generated for your payment. Once the payment is successfully processed, you will be redirected back to BrewRatio’s order confirmation page. Please double-check your payment information before making a purchase through PayNow as no refunds will be issued for PayNow payment mistakes.


Your PayNow information is securely handled by PayNow.

9. GrabPay, ShopeePay & FavePay via Hitpay

BrewRatio offers the option to pay through GrabPay, ShopeePay and FavePay via Hitpay. During checkout, you will be redirected to Hitpay’s payment portal.


With GrabPay, you can pay using your digital wallet and earn GrabRewards points.


With ShopeePay, you will be provided with a unique QR code to make your payment.


With FavePay, you can pay by scanning the unique QR code with your FavePay’s app to make your payment.


Please double check all information before confirming any purchases as BrewRatio will not be able to issue any refunds for mistakes made through these payment options. For more information on promotions and rewards, please refer to the GrabPay, ShopeePay and FavePay websites.

10. PayLater by Grab via Hitpay

BrewRatio offers the PayLater by Grab instalment plan through Hitpay. After checkout, you’ll be redirected to Hitpay’s payment portal.


With PayLater by Grab, you have the option to split your bill into 4 monthly payments or pay it all next month, both with no interest. Additionally, you can earn GrabRewards points with either payment option. For more information about PayLater by Grab and its promotions, please visit their website.


The minimum checkout value to use PayLater by Grab at BrewRatio is S$200 SGD. Your credit/debit card information is securely processed by HitPay.

11. Atome via Hitpay

BrewRatio also offers the Atome instalment plan through Hitpay. Upon checkout, you will be directed to Hitpay’s payment portal.


With Atome, you have the option to split your purchase into three interest-free installments. Your first payment will be made at the time of purchase, and the next two payments will be due 30 days apart.


The minimum checkout value for Atome at BrewRatio is S$200 SGD. The spend limit is currently capped at S$3,000 SGD. Your credit/debit card information will be securely transferred by Hitpay.


For more information on Atome, visit their website. Note that we are unable to issue any refunds for mistakes made during Atome purchases.

12. Subscription payment

For fresh coffee subscription, you can only make payments using your credit card through Stripe. Your selected credit card will be automatically charged at the time of every renewal billing cycle.


For more information on BrewRatio’s payment method, please refer to our FAQ.

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PayLater By Grab

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PayLater By Grab

Spread your bill
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With 4 monthly interest-free instalments, we give you more time to pay in smaller amounts.

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