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Baskets of Fun
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Baskets of Fun for Extraordinary Espresso

Types of coffee beans, grind size, dosage, distributing, tamping pressure, brewing temperature, extraction time, flow appearance etc are many parameters to look out for in

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BrewRatio X LatitudePay

BrewRatio is now intergrated with LatitudePay to provide instalment payment system. With LatitudePay, it make every purchase in BrewRatio more affordable by spliting the cost

Coffee Puck
Coffee tips & tricks

The Coffee Puck Fascination

Before coffee extraction, coffee bean is ground into a portafilter. After which we will do levelling, tidying, and tamping of the coffee powder in the

Prolonging Freshness of Coffee Beans
Coffee tips & tricks

Prolonging Freshness of Coffee Beans

It is exciting and delightful to own a home espresso machine.  We get to explore this new territory of coffee making from espresso machines –

Father's Day
BrewRatio updates

BREWRATIO’s Thought – Father’s Day

Father is always deemed as the head of the family, and from the traditional notion, the sole bread-winner of the house. Although in modern days, this

giveaway contest
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Join us and participate our giveaway contest. One winner will walk away with a brand-new set of Breville Barista Express in Brushed Stainless Steel. Absolutely no purchase required

Crema Extraction
Coffee tips & tricks

BrewRatio’s Coffee Care

Another ideal coffee extraction with appealing crema to brighten up your day ? BrewRatio is constantly learning in depth and sharing the knowledge of optimal

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