I have made an appointment with BrewRatio, can I change my booking date or time?

At the moment, we do not support the option to change the date and time of a booking. If you wish to modify any details, kindly cancel your existing booking and proceed to re-book another session with the desired date and time.

To cancel your booking, simply click on the booking summary link provided in the confirmation email sent by our system. Once you access the booking summary, you will find a cancel booking button. Clicking on this button will enable you to cancel your booking.

Please note that our booking system does not permit cancellations on the same day as your appointment. If you find yourself unable to make it on the day of your scheduled visit, we kindly request that you notify us by email. Please contact us as soon as possible to inform us of the change in your plans. This will allow us to make any necessary adjustments and ensure a smooth operation of our booking system. Please note that repeated no-show instances may result in the rejection of subsequent bookings. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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