How To request for a modification job?

BrewRatio has enhanced & automated the modification job request process to make it seamless for our customers when requesting for a modification job.

Before sending your machine/ appliance down to our service centre, please file a modification request. Our support team will review your request and further advise you. Below is the link to file a modification job request.


For modification job request, under job description > job type, please select “Modifications”.




Once your request is submitted, you will receive an E-mail with a Job ID and an unique QR code to link to your modification job request. Our support team will review your request and advise you further from here.

Do ensure the modification job that you request is a supported model by BrewRatio and is rated at 220V. Otherwise, your request will be rejected.

Once we have verified your request, an E-mail will be sent to you for advice to bring over your machine/ appliance to our service centre for modification. Please proceed to book an appointment with us to do so.


All modifications are done at our service centre. Please arrange to bring your machine/appliance over to our service centre. Address as follows:

[email protected] (Season Parking Only)
2 Pereira Road
Singapore 368024

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