How to register my product warranty?

BrewRatio highly recommends registering your warranty within 7 days of receiving your products to ensure coverage.

Please note that warranty registration is only applicable to products purchased directly from BrewRatio. Valid purchases include:

  • Online purchases from BrewRatio’s official website
  • Online purchases from BrewRatio’s Lazmall Authorized Store
  • Purchases made at our showroom
  • Direct wholesale purchases from BrewRatio

To register your warranty, you will need to create an account on BrewRatio’s website and log in to access the warranty registration form. Please use the following link to register your warranty after logging in:

For all warranty registrations, an invoice number is mandatory. Refer to the following formats for different platforms:

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14-digit Order Number) – Lazmall Authorized Store
BR00XXXX – BrewRatio’s website
1-XXXX – Showroom Receipt (found at bottom right of the receipt)
INV00XXX – Direct Invoice

Once you have registered your warranty, you will receive an email notification containing your warranty ID and the expiration date of your warranty.

It’s important to note that the warranty certificate issued is based on the information provided during registration. The warranty will only be deemed valid for claims if the provided information is accurate. BrewRatio reserves the right to void any warranty if the provided information is found to be invalid during a claim.

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