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Why buy home espresso
machine anywhere else?

When it comes to purchasing a new espresso machine for home use, there is no better place to buy than BrewRatio Singapore. For questions about payment options, getting the right espresso machine for you, brewing your first espresso and assistance on issue, we have all the answers you need.

Different payment options available.

Non-hassle payment methods by PayNow transfer and credit card. Or if you’d rather pay for your espresso machine monthly, just choose between LatitudePay, PayLater by Grab or Atome as your payment option and get up to 4 months interest-free payments.

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We’ll make sure it works for you.

We understand the excitement of getting a brand-new espresso machine, and the need to use it with minimal hurdles. At BrewRatio, we help you to find the right machine:

  • by guiding you through virtually or physically at our showroom.
  • which suits your daily workflow.
  • by giving you comprehensive expertise advice.


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Let's start brewing your first espresso.

Brewing the first espresso at home is just the starting point of the journey. Do you need advice on dialing in? Coffee tastes too sour or bitter? BrewRatio’s customers are always welcome to contact our specialist for guidance and advice.

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You are properly covered with us.

Unforeseen situation does happen and we are here for you. From filling in your request to getting your machine repaired, our friendly  support staff will be here to assist. Now you can rest your mind and just focus on brewing better coffee.


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Espresso Machine

Which espresso machine is right for you?


Single Boiler

Dual Boiler

Espresso Machine
Espresso Machine
Espresso Machine

Solis Barista Perfetta Plus

Gaggia Classic Pro

Bellezza Bellona

Fast, heats on the fly.

Classic, robust design.

Linear, modern, and efficient.

From $888

From $968

From $2,650

Startup Time
~ 35 seconds

Startup Time
~ 70 seconds
Startup Time
3~4 minutes

Portafilter Size

Portafilter Size
Portafilter Size
58.8mm, E61 type

Steamtip Type
1-hole steamtip

Steamtip Type
2-hole steamtip
Steamtip Type
3-hole steamtip

Main Features
Programmable shots
Pressure gauge
Steam valve control

Main Features
Commericial portafilter size
Large 2.1l water tank
Simple manual operation
Steam valve control

Main Features
Dual PID control
Programmable shots & hot water
Instant steam
100% stainless steel boiler

5.7 KG

7.3 KG

13 KG

19(W) x 37(D) x 32(H) cm

25(W) x 25(D) x 36(H) cm

30(W) x 36(D) x 51(H) cm