Grinding COFFEE

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To extract the best taste out from your coffee beans, coffee bean grinding is an important process. We will share more insights on grinding basics to get you have a better understanding what make a coffee taste better. šŸ˜‹

Grinder type

Electric grinders

There are various types of electric coffee grinders in the market to select from. To choose from so many grinders could be a hassle to many. But the very basic maxim is to choose one that suits your requirements. Let's start the selection with the most crucial factor of a grinder, and that is the grinder method. Basically a coffee grinder comes in 2 most common forms - blade grinders, and burr grinders. 

Now, burr coffee grinders are the grinder of choice by anyone who really cares about the taste of their coffee. Burr coffee grinders are so much more preferred because they produce a more superior consistent grind than blade grinders.

Burr Size

Burr Size

When we talk about burr coffee grinders, the topic on burr size comes into the picture. Burr size is important as it affects the quality of your coffee grinds, and ultimately ā€“ the coffee itself.

A coffee grinder equipped with 40 mm conical solid steel burrs would be deemed a reasonably good grinder. General speaking, bigger burrs are indeed a preferred choice by some. This is because larger burrs require less Rates per Minute (RPM) to grind the same amount of coffee, leading to lesser heat production. Remember that heat is one of the things to avoid amongst others like oxygen, light, and moisture.  And it is proven that larger burr size grinders are usually higher quality grinders with better built specifics and cutting profiles. For example, there is a distinctive difference in grind size between a 40mm Baratza Encore and a 50mm Lelit William.

Consistent Grind Size is key for perfect extraction, plus brewing of a consistent sweet and balanced coffee. So do bear in mind of burr size when looking for your perfect grinder.

Conical or Flat Burr

Conical or Flat Burr?

Conical burr usually hone a lower Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) than flat burrs ā€“ this means a lesser heat production and friction, leading to a better preservation of flavours in your cup. Volatile oils and flavourful compounds in coffee are extremely heat-sensitive. Any inkling of heat contact will export some of these delectable aromas. Conical burr also means quieter grinders.

Step & Stepless Grinder

Stepped and Stepless

What we are referring here is the adjustability of setting range of a grinder. A "Stepped" grinder has a fixed number of micro-adjustment settings, e.g. 1 to 20 - these are established adjustments between the burrs. One can select a fixed grind size setting for brewing method through the range of numbers.

A "Stepless" grinder on the other hand allows for a bottomless array of adjustability. This allows more room for fine-tuning and micro-adjusting to the smallest of microns to tailor to the effects of staling, roast date and extraction rates.

Auto & Manual Grinder

Auto timer and Manual dose

Would you prefer to dose your coffee through a manual button for every shot or prefer the convenience of an auto dosing feature through a programmed timer or sensor button?

Doser Vs Doserless

Doser and Doserless

Preference is key here. Doserless Grinders are also called On-Demand Grinders. Understanding that ground coffee stales rapidly, subtle differences can be noticed within minutes and profound flavour changes are imminent within hours. The surface area of your ground coffee is hiked umpteen times to staling when compared to a whole bean of coffee. Hence, why bother with the doser? Well, there are certain advantages that come along with the doser. Excess coffee grinds in the portafilter can be swept back in the doser for the next shot and less mess can be made on your countertop due to the usual spitting of ground coffees out of doserless chutes. Advantages of the doserless? Faster input of coffee into brewing equipment and less clean up.

Hence, with all the portions of a grinder being mentioned, we believe that you would have a better and clearer idea on which type of grinder would best fit you and your coffee making style.  Whatever it is, just enjoy the process and immerse yourself in the essence of COFFEE!