BREWRATIO’s Thought – Father’s Day

Father's Day

Father is always deemed as the head of the family, and from the traditional notion, the sole bread-winner of the house. Although in modern days, this notion may have changed quite tremendously, still father is revered as the main pillar and strength of a family.  The above – main pillar and strength are the qualities – […]

Owning BREVILLE & SOLIS Espresso Machines – the New Normal

Have you ever dreamt of owning an espresso machine AND becoming a home barista? Or do you think that this is a far-fetched thought? Well indeed, owning a superlative espresso machine and becoming a dexterous home barista are possible with our Breville and Solis espresso machines – this is the new normal now. Our beloved […]

Milk Pitcher – The Feed to a Superb Milk Froth

Milk Pitcher

Milk Pitcher – The Feed to a Superb Milk Froth Whenever we talk about milk froth, the image that springs up in the mind immediately will be smooth, creamy-textured milk. In espresso making context, one will also definitely think of the steam wand of the espresso machine itself.  Indeed, our BREVILLE espresso machines come with steam […]

Portafilter Engagement with Group Head

Portafilter Engagement

Portafilter Engagement with Group Head Today we are going to look at a very interesting topic – the engagement of your portafilter to your machine group head when executing coffee extraction. When I first acquired my Breville espresso machine, I had the assumption that the closest contact the coffee bed is with the group head, […]

Stylish and Comprehensive – BREVILLE Espresso Machine

the BREVILLE Espresso Machine

Stylish and Comprehensive – BREVILLE Espresso Machine A home espresso machine should have certain qualities and feel that any home baristas would be looking for. And we reckon that Breville espresso machine has all that it takes. For a start, Breville has that particular cosy look and touch which we believe are aptly suitable for home. Not […]

BrewRatio and Friends

BrewRatio and Friends

BrewRatio and Friends At our various posts, we have been sharing a lot about coffee.  Today, we would like to share with our customers and friends about the more intrinsic aspect of BrewRatio. BrewRatio is a place where our customers can always raise requests regarding our products prior to purchase – we will always be […]



BrewRatio : “United As One, the World will Recover.” In Singapore, it has been an intermittent roller coaster cycle – from the period of end January 2020 till this point of time of writing this article (17th March 2020), and still on-going. The coronavirus (COVID-19) that hit one big nation initially began showing its appearance […]


Kopi Legacy

Today, I would like to share with you about the unique Nanyang Coffee (also commonly known as Kopi), of which this particular area is especially dear to my heart. I am familiar with Nanyang Coffee, since my father was a kopi barista with his very own kopi stall.  I dare not say that my familiarity […]



Have you ever wondered how it all started with coffee? Well, it was said that centuries back, on the Ethiopian plateau, a goat herder by the name of Kaldi first discovered the potential of coffee beans. Kaldi noticed that after eating the berries, his goats became extremely energetic. Kaldi revealed to the abbot of the […]