Baskets of Consisent Espresso

Having a semi-automatic espresso machine is one of the most wonderful matters, as you can have the luxury of handcrafting your café-style coffee at the comfort of your home.  In this way, making espresso coffee is easily within reach since it is a long-established means for such purpose.  But it does not mean that the […]

Baskets of Fun for Extraordinary Espresso

Baskets of Fun

Types of coffee beans, grind size, dosage, distributing, tamping pressure, brewing temperature, extraction time, flow appearance etc are many parameters to look out for in preparation work and determination of outcome of a coffee extraction. If you are embarking on the next phrase of your coffee / barista journey, you would realize that there are […]

The Coffee Puck Fascination

Coffee Puck

Before coffee extraction, coffee bean is ground into a portafilter. After which we will do levelling, tidying, and tamping of the coffee powder in the portafilter, resulting in a beautifully flat, well distributed coffee bed – the coffee puck – ready to have its first bath under the shower head. But have you ever wondered […]

Prolonging Freshness of Coffee Beans

Prolonging Freshness of Coffee Beans

It is exciting and delightful to own a home espresso machine.  We get to explore this new territory of coffee making from espresso machines – tools’ accompaniment, preparation work on grind calibration, tamping, extraction results, final flavour etc. There are assumptions by many new home espresso machine users regarding coffee extractions, especially when after suitable, […]

BrewRatio’s Coffee Care

Crema Extraction

Another ideal coffee extraction with appealing crema to brighten up your day ? BrewRatio is constantly learning in depth and sharing the knowledge of optimal coffee extraction.  Day by day, the form and flavour of espresso, lattes etc become more refined and accentuated. BrewRatio gives assurance to our beloved fans and customers that they are able […]

The Cream of the Crop – the CREMA in Espresso


Espresso – it is intriguing isn’t it?  Espresso is essentially a brewing method and the name of a beverage. It is also used as a term of describing a roast colour – eg. Espresso Roast. For an optimal extraction of espresso, the coffee beans must be finely ground. This allows a wider surface area of coffee bed […]



How time flies, we have ushered in Chinese New Year on 12th February 2021. It is thus timely to introduce to our BrewRatio friends our other and newer range of coffee beans – Ethiopia Sidamo, Panama Hartmann, India Kodagu and Nanyang Coffee Beans. Ethiopia Sidamo / Ethiopia 16oC Although Ethiopia may not be the first […]


It has been quite a while since my last post on single / double shots of espresso extraction.  And I promised in said previous write-up to return with an article on the intrinsic flavour of coffee beans.  Alas, and here I am and available to share with our friends on this topic after a long, […]

Single it Out OR Double Date for Espresso Extraction?

Coffee Shot

Single it Out OR Double Date for Espresso Extraction? When making espresso coffee extractions, many people would usually be given a choice of a single shot OR a double shot.  Single shot means a 30ml demitasse of espresso, while double shot means a 60ml cup of espresso. For new players in the field of coffee […]