Our Coffee Voyage

Initially, it was just pure fascination about coffee plus the dream of ever owning a café that embarked us on the voyage of exploring all possibilities of coffee. This eventually landed us under the cosy roof of “BrewRatio”.

We believe in the goodness of coffee. Our sole, primary purpose is to introduce the essence of coffee and its intrinsic culture to our local community. In addition, we also wish to share existing knowledge about coffee with our people – so as to further deepen their familiarity with this amazing bean.

Our vision lead us to delve into all possible aspects of initiating a highly viable and adaptable coffee business. Fusing together and finding the eventual meeting point of a fruitful, cost-effective business with society’s coffee appreciation is an ascent which requires tremendous effort – since the recognition and popularity of coffee are still at a lacklustre stage here.

Think of “BrewRatio” as a cosy alcove where you could share with us your passion and positive views about coffee. In this way, we hope to ultimately bring about heightened blossoming of coffee culture in Singapore and the rest of the world.

BrewRatio LLP 2019-2020