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BrewRatio started with a dream of opening a café. But later, we had the spontaneous opportunity to veer instead into espresso machines.


We quickly realized that these machines offer the perfect way for anyone to enjoy a delicious espresso beverage. With an espresso machine, you can not only taste the creations of professional baristas, but also your own handcrafted espressos.


We offer a variety of semi-automatic espresso machines that are ideal for home and office use. For a more professional and enhanced espresso experience, we also carry prosumer-grade machines suitable for mini coffee shops or small offices.


At BrewRatio, we don’t just sell espresso machines. We are dedicated to educating our customers on how to use the machines we sell and to providing tailored barista training sessions for homes and small offices. Most importantly, we are reliable and trustworthy, especially when it comes to after-sales service and warranty coverage.


Handcrafting espresso is a new-age hobby that requires skill and expertise. With the help of an espresso machine, you can gradually hone your skills and achieve barista-level proficiency. We believe that crafting espresso is not just a fun pastime, but a valuable skill to be mastered.


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