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About us

BrewRatio started with a dream of opening a café. But later, we had the spontaneous opportunity to veer instead into espresso machines.

From then, we realized that espresso machines are in fact the most excellent means of getting everyone a good espresso beverage. Rather than tasting the creations of professional baristas, it would be also very interesting to taste our very own handcraft espressos out from the machines.

We carry a range of semi-automatic espresso machines for easy home and office environments. For a more refined, enhanced espresso crafting, BrewRatio has also the prosumer calibre espresso machines for a mini coffee shop / café or small-scale corporate office.

Unlike other sellers in the market, BrewRatio does not stop at selling espresso machines. We are wholehearted in:

  • imparting to our valued BrewRatio customers in understanding espresso machines which we are selling
  • using espresso machines effectively and properly.
  • tailoring made-to-measure barista session suitable for home and small-scale offices / businesses.


The most important of all, BrewRatio is reliable and trustworthy, especially when it comes to after-sales service and warranty integrity.

Handcrafting espresso is the main new-era avocation of this century onwards. It is not only looked at as an area of interest, but rather an area of skill to be picked up. You will be gradually, pleasantly amazed and flattered by you being able to achieve ultimately in great competence, by mastering the usage of espresso machines, and at a level as dexterous as that of a professional barista.

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