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Espresso Puck Secret Unveiled
Coffee tips & tricks

Espresso Puck Secret Unveiled

In this article, we will explore the intricacies of espresso making, starting with the essential art of puck preparation. This foundational skill sets the stage

Promotion Sales Week 15 2024
Promotion & offer

Promotion Sales – Week 15, 2024

Spring into Savings: Exclusive Deals on Gaggia Classic, Eureka Specialita, and Eureka Single Dose – Save Up to 26%, while stock last! Make the deal

E61 Group Heads vs. Saturated Group Heads
Coffee tips & tricks

E61 Group Heads vs. Saturated Group Heads

Introduction In the pursuit of the ideal espresso, every detail matters—particularly the group head of an espresso machine. This critical component, where hot water and

7 Health Benefits of Espresso
Coffee tips & tricks

7 Health Benefits of Espresso

Espresso, with its rich aroma, intense flavor, and the sheer joy of its ritual, has captivated the hearts of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. This small but

Sentiments of a Home Barista
Coffee tips & tricks

Sentiments of a Home Barista

When we purchase a brand-new semi-auto home espresso machine, which is amazingly beautiful and costs thousands of dollars, we have a set expectation that it

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