Grind Retention Elimination with BrewRatio Dose Purger

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The process of extracting espresso involves a series of steps, including selecting and sourcing fresh coffee beans, grinding them, preparing the coffee bed, and finally extracting and tasting the espresso. Coffee enthusiasts often focus on the intricacies of this process, such as selecting the correct grind size, ensuring proper distribution and tamping of the coffee powder, and controlling the brewing water temperature. These details are essential for achieving the desired quality of extraction. However, even if the process is followed meticulously, one may still be unable to obtain the desired flow and taste due to retention of coffee grinds in the hopper.

When using home espresso machines, we tend to focus solely on the coffee extraction process and forget that every component of the machine plays a crucial role in the process. One such component is the grinder. After the coffee beans are ground, some grounds are inevitably left behind in the grinder. This retention issue affects most coffee grinders to varying degrees, with some exhibiting greater retention than others. Whether the retention is low or high, it is crucial to eliminate any leftover grounds in the grinder. Doing so will:

  1. Significantly reduce stale grounds inside the hopper or grinder.
  2. Eliminate stale grounds from previous grinds can result in a crispier, cleaner taste in the coffee.
  3. Improve equilibrium, leading to further refinement in the coffee extraction.
  4. Remove stagnant grounds, thus increasing consistency in coffee extraction by preventing them from mixing with new grounds, which could in turn negatively impact the taste of the next cup.
  5. Purge retained grounds from the grinder – this will decrease the likelihood of lost intensity in the espresso.
  6. Minimize stale taste caused by leftover retained grounds from previous grinds, the overall flavor of the coffee will ultimately be greatly improved.
  7. Lower the likelihood of the grinder becoming clogged.

To enjoy these benefits, it is highly recommended to use a puffing device to purge the remaining coffee grounds between grinds. The device is usually an accordion-like bellow made of rubber, which is more durable, versatile, and effective. The BrewRatio Dose Purger is an excellent choice for use with Breville Barista Express, Barista Pro & Barista Touch and can effectively purge leftover grounds simply by pressing the purge bellow device.

The BrewRatio Dose Purger is not only a functional tool, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your coffee machine with its stylish appearance, enhancing the overall look of your grinder hopper crown. Regular use of the BrewRatio Dose Purger helps to maintain a grinder that is free of grounds, ensuring that each espresso is clean, fresh, and has a distinctive, clear taste.

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