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BrewRatio saying hello to everyone for the year 2023 šŸ˜Š How time whooshes past with lightning speed!

We are so looking forward to 2023, and in readiness to embrace every single perspective of it. In store for our new and regular customers are a range of well lined up brands of semi-automatic espresso machines and espresso coffee grinders:

  1. Fiamma
  2. Bellezza
  3. Gaggia
  4. Breville
  5. Solis
  6. Eureka

Not only do we have first-rate semi-automatic espresso machines and grinders, but there is also a very comprehensive selections of accessories for both 54mm and 58mm machines:

  1. BrewRatio Leveller Cum Tamper 53.3mm
  2. BrewRatio Dose Purger
  3. BrewRatio Swift Doser 53.3mm
  4. BrewRatio Trim Doser 53.3mm
  5. BrewRatio Trim Doser 58mm
  6. BrewRatio Spruce KnockBox
  7. Normcore Series (Tamping Mat / Distributor Tool / Tamper / WDT Tool / Dosing Funnel / Shot Mirror)

And the final must-haves to go with our spectrum of spectacular machines and grinders will be nonother than our refined spread of refreshing, fragrant coffee beans!:

  1. Brazil Santos
  2. Colombia Supremo
  3. Sumatra Mandheling
  4. India Kodagu
  5. Panama Hartmann
  6. Guatemala Antigua Bucolic
  7. Doe Arvore

To keep your machines sparkle clean and to minimize build up of impurities within your machines, we also have cleaning products meant for the respective machines / grinders that we carry:

  1. Bilt Nical 125 Water Softener
  2. Brita Intenza Water Filter
  3. Breville Water Filters
  4. Breville Claro Swiss Water Filter
  5. Cleanse Duo
  6. Cafetto Restore Descaler
  7. BrewRatio Cleaning Tablets


BrewRatio selections of machines are all directly from the country of origin themselves. Our BrewRatio brand of accessories are all wholeheartedly sourced and made, and whatā€™s more, BrewRatio is the reputed distributor for premium-made Solis & Normcore products.

BrewRatio is focused on AND a specialist in the field of semi-automatic espresso machines. When you purchase machine from BrewRatio, you are exclusively entitled to prompt after-sales support, and the most important of all, you are assured of warranty integrity for purchases from BrewRatio.

Unlike any other sellers on similar platforms, BrewRatio is the most trusted and reliable when it comes to the area of warranty.  Regardless of whether you encounter issues within / out of warranty period, we will be present / contactable to provide prompt advice and support, with the presence of a physical repair & servicing centre situated just next to our showroom. Which again herewith, differentiates BrewRatio from other general merchandisers.

With the above assurance, when you buy from BrewRatio, you will be ensured of, and will have a peace of mind unquestionably as BrewRatio = Warranty Integrity.


So, do drop by our showroom at if you wish to purchase any of the aforesaid in person. With BrewRatioā€™s wide panorama of products, we believe you will be able to find what you require here. 

Alternatively, you can also simply visit our website for another option of buying convenience šŸ˜Š

Wish you all a blessed and healthy 2023 !

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