Owning BREVILLE & SOLIS Espresso Machines – the New Normal

Have you ever dreamt of owning an espresso machine AND becoming a home barista? Or do you think that this is a far-fetched thought? Well indeed, owning a superlative espresso machine and becoming a dexterous home barista are possible with our Breville and Solis espresso machines – this is the new normal now.

Our beloved BrewRatio fans love our Breville Range of Espresso Machines – partly due to their charming, attractive outlooks and also as a result of their practical functionalities. Not only they are capable of extracting quality espresso and milk texture, they are ideal machines for fresh home baristas who wish to hone their skills in a fun, interesting way at the comfort of their homes or even offices.

Another new machine fancied by our fans is our Solis Barista Perfetta Plus. This is another good consideration for those who prefer a compact, lean machine which is capable of pleasant demitasse of espresso. It also features a powerful steam wand which can bring about brilliant, thicker milk texture.

Our BrewRatio friends have their reasons of acquiring espresso machines (be it Breville OR Solis). Some of them merely want to have that cup of espresso, cappuccino or latte made out of their own hands; some fans fancy an espresso machine as a fresh, beaming addition to their new, cosy homes; some wish to get a feel of how being a home barista is like; some of them desire to learn more about coffee extraction and coffee related knowledge etc.

Be it for whatever reasons, if you are passionate and enthusiastic about espresso making, its related coffee extraction and coffee bean selections, then we strongly believe that owning an espresso machine will definitely make your everyday life continuously bright and fulfilling.

To know more, you are welcomed to book an appointment with BrewRatio for visit to our showroom OR if you are ready, just come purchase our range of espresso machine treasures ?

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