How time flies, we have ushered in Chinese New Year on 12th February 2021. It is thus timely to introduce to our BrewRatio friends our other and newer range of coffee beans – Ethiopia Sidamo, Panama Hartmann, India Kodagu and Nanyang Coffee Beans.

Ethiopia Sidamo / Ethiopia 16oC

Although Ethiopia may not be the first country which grows coffee as a crop, still it is the pioneer country in which Coffea Arabica really flourished.   Thus, Ethiopia is viewed as an established coffee-producing country by many coffee professionals. 

Due to Ethiopia’s various production systems of coffee, the flavours of its coffee beans are distinctively diverse.  They have a manifold of sapor nuances such as citrus, bergamot, fruity and floral.  A good Sidamo coffee is well-balanced, without losing its original characteristics of complex acidity.

This signature Ethiopia 16oC has a bright acidity, with a long, winey after taste for a palatable final taste.

Panama 20 oC / Hartmann

Another very unique coffee is the Panama 20 oC which is native to Renacimiento area in Costa Rica.  Hartmann is named after the very established Hartmann family enterprise, who emphasizes very much on striking a balance between maintaining the natural cycle of their natural forest fauna and executing coffee plantation, production simultaneously.

The sole passion of Hartmann brings about superb quality in their coffee beans.  This Caturra varietal coffee beans exudes a fruity aroma, with main tasting notes of cherry, raspberry and may at times bring about a slight tinge of soft chocolate aftertaste.

If you like the high resonance of berry-like aroma plus the pleasant piquancy savour, then the passionate Panama 20 oC will be your forever love.

India 29 oC / India Kodagu

There is this narration of a pilgrim named Baba Budan in 1670, who secretly transported out seven coffee seeds from Yemen.  Baba Budan planted the initial seeds in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka of India.  And this is how coffee has its first imprint in India.

Our India 29 oC Arabica beans are from the Kodagu area of the Karnataka state.  The first whiff of this bean is a chocolatey aroma, with a slight initial nippy rush and subsequent sweetness to the palate.

With an optimal extraction process, you will be able to obtain a fitting light to medium body from this charming coffee bean.

Singapore Trail 26 oC / Nanyang Coffee Beans

Next in line is our Singapore’s very own Nanyang Coffee beans.  The unique difference from the charming Gourmet Coffee is that the Singapore Trail 26 oC is roasted with caramelized sugar and butter or margarine.  In addition, the “extraction” method is also entirely distinctive on its own, which is done by the means of traditional brewing pot and a fabric “sock” filter (strainer) instead of an espresso machine.

The beans used are Robusta beans which are high in caffeine content, and the local people in Singapore are very familiar with Nanyang Coffee beverage since it makes up the main bulk of their everyday life.

So come savour this distinctively strong flavoured beans, and go fresh and energized for a great daily start.

With the coffee beans presented, BrewRatio would like to reiterate that, to acquire the ideal coffee extraction, the parameters to note foremost are as follows:

  1. Use Fresh Coffee Beans
  2. Adjust to Ideal Grind Size
  3. Weigh your input and output eg. 18g coffee beans for a 36g beverage (double shot)
  4. Practise Levelling & Tamping
  5. Do Purging, Obtain Optimal Brewing Temperature
  6. Monitor Extraction

After you have practised, adjusted and mastered the aforesaid, you can explore further into the intrinsic flavours OR essence of coffee beans, and tweak your grind settings accordingly to these.  By essence, we mean the level of acidity, density, roast profiles etc.    As a general rule of thumb, coffee beans with high acidity (dense) has an embedded sourness.  Hence you may wish to go finer when grinding the dense beans. 

But do remember that coffee beans are very capricious in nature.   For instance, roasted Colombia Supremo beans obtained from one supplier will definitely differ from another who supplies similar roasted beans.  The possible reasons are due to the regions where the beans come from, and the roasting methods, profiles which the various roasters employ. All in all, enjoy the process of coffee brewing and extraction. You will be amazed that you are able to discover new knowledge each and every time you do coffee extraction.   Today is Chinese New Year – we at BrewRatio would like to wish each and every one a healthy and blessed year and many more BREW years to come. Cheers!

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