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It has been quite a while since my last post on single / double shots of espresso extraction.  And I promised in said previous write-up to return with an article on the intrinsic flavour of coffee beans.  Alas, and here I am and available to share with our friends on this topic after a long, hectic schedule 2 months back.  Thus for today, I would like to talk about the essence of coffee beans and their resulting cup qualities.

Before that, we would like to reiterate that BrewRatio wishes to present ourselves as a sharer of our experiences in what we encounter during our journey in using the espresso machines, accessories, ingredients etcetera.  This accumulated knowledge is useful and practical to us, and we think it would be to our customers and friends herewith too.

There are a number of coffee beans that we carry, and they are all Arabica beans.   The original characteristics of Arabica beans are as follows:

  • Oval-shaped, flat, dark, greasy
  • High-end, flavour-focused coffee
  • Low Caffeine content
  • Complex flavour
  • High citric content / acidity
  • Dense, juicy

Do note that due to evolution of time and environment, the original essence and form of Arabica beans may also change to cater to the current era and palates, hence there may be exceptions to the aforesaid.

Above being said, let me start with three of our coffea, they are our Brazil Santos, Colombia Supremo and Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans.

Brazil Santos / Brazil 23 oC

BrewRatio’s brand of Brazil Santos, also known as Brazil 23oC, is one of the most delicate coffee among the selections we have.  It is smooth and light to the palate.  For those coffee lovers who prefer an intricate taste with yet a lingering, feathery finishing touch of sweetness to your palate, Brazil 23oC will be the ultimate coffee beans for you.

For this coffee bean type, we would suggest medium grind size when grinding your coffee beans.

Colombia Supremo / Colombia 17oC

Colombia 17oC, alias or otherwise known as the Supremo, comes from Colombia located in the North of South America. 

Depending on the regions within the country itself, the coffee beans produced could range from juicy, fruity, and complex with heavy body, to a lighter body, highly citric with a bright, juicy flavour.  Our Colombia 17oC is a bean with a slightly denser structure.  Thus the resulting taste to a palate is normally an initial slight tinge of citric rush, after which fading towards a mild nut-like flavour consequently.

If you like an energizing, exciting start with a soothing finish, then our Colombia Supremo is the one you will not let go of.

We would suggest a finer grind size if you are grinding this coffee bean.  For people who prefer a much earthier taste and yet wish to have a juicier texture in their cup, a finer grind size will bring one closer to this expectation.

Sumatra Mandheling / Sumatra 26oC

Sumatra is an Indonesian island known for its rugged terrain, amazing wildlife and unpredictable, active volcanoes.

With the fertile volcanic soils well spread in Sumatra, one could imagine the quality of the coffee plants that can thrive and grow as a result of them.

Our Sumatra 26oC / Sumatra Mandheling coffee exudes a concentrated flavour and a full body.

Due to the lower acidity of Sumatra as compared to our other range of beans, we would recommend a coarser grind size since this bean has already an intrinsic bitterness.

Coffee lovers who like a much down-to-earth taste, AND a stronger coffee beverage would definitely love the Sumatra 26oC.  First sapor is slight earthy bitterness, with subsequent welcome flavour of chocolaty, nut-like, woody flavour.

As we often emphasize, in BrewRatio’s notion, “perfect” cup of coffee beverage = pleasant flavour fitting to one’s palate.    If you finally find the one type OR a few kinds of coffee bean that suit your taste, do not hesitate to go for them.

With the introduction of the aforesaid 3 types of Arabica beans, with more to come on our other range of beans, BrewRatio hopes that you will have a clearer idea, expectation on which kind of beans you prefer, and wish to have as a starter in your coffee brewing and extraction journey.    As today is the last day of 2020, BrewRatio wishes each and every person a blessed and blissful New Year!  Cheers.

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