Single it Out OR Double Date for Espresso Extraction?

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Single it Out OR Double Date for Espresso Extraction?

When making espresso coffee extractions, many people would usually be given a choice of a single shot OR a double shot.  Single shot means a 30ml demitasse of espresso, while double shot means a 60ml cup of espresso.

For new players in the field of coffee extraction, there is this bugging worry on the shots’ brew ratio for coffee extraction.  There is a myriad of ratios presented over the internet by experts on the extraction proportion – but for a start, you may wish to follow the very simple, basic rule of thumb of brew ratio stated herein according to the type of shots you want to achieve:

Shot Ratio – The Very Basic:

Short shot / 15ml – 25ml / Ristretto = 1:1 ~ 1:1.5 ratio

Grind size = Finer

Extraction time = 15 ~ 18 seconds

Result = Concentrated, rich flavour, less bitter (because of shorter extraction time)

Regular shot / 30ml / Normale = 1:1.5 ~ 1:2.5 ratio

Grind size = Optimal

Extraction time = 25~30 seconds

Result = Usually consistent, balanced and smooth taste

Long shot / 130 ~ 170ml / Lungo = 1:2.5 ~ 1:3 ratio

Grind size = Coarser

Extraction time = 60 seconds

Result = Less body, light flavour, more bitter (because of longer extraction time)

We believe that the simple guide would help you to decide whether to opt for single, double or even triple shots for your espresso and coffee beverages. It is just one of the starting guidelines for you to obtain the flavour that you expect of, to facilitate in getting your desired results within a shorter period of time.

Remember that coffee is a very special agricultural plant produced by efforts of many.  Each coffee genre, bean type has its own unique flavour and tang. We at BrewRatio are often being asked what is a good, perfect extraction.  Honestly, the perfect coffee is the one that has consistent, balanced flavour OR most importantly, a good extraction is one that suits your taste buds. 

For myself personally, I prefer a medium to bitter aftertaste when drinking espresso, hence based on the above guide, I would opt for the regular OR lungo shot. Of course, if you are making the extraction on your own, you might also wish to consider the natural intrinsic flavour of the coffee beans, of which will be touched on in my next article.

The above rudimentary rule is not to be followed rigidly.  If so, you may not obtain the shot extraction that you desire.  Feel free to tweak the ratio to your personal preference and taste.  Never stop trying and pursuing, cheers.

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