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In Singapore, it has been an intermittent roller coaster cycle – from the period of end January 2020 till this point of time of writing this article (17th March 2020), and still on-going.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) that hit one big nation initially began showing its appearance and causing rampage in January.  The time epoch when Singapore started to feel the “apparent” invisible clinging claws of this relentless virus creeping into the territory was in February.  At first, the number of contagion was insignificant.  But slowly, the transmission commenced to climb and then surged considerably.  This caused much panic, and certain portion of our community started to swarm to supermarkets to purchase, stock up canned food, toilet rolls, sanitizers, masks etc, as if all these could eliminate the spread of the virus and build us a wall that was impenetrable by the virus.  

But the panic buying did not stretch long.  Our government makes every effort to calm the public, giving assurance and encouraging assertion that Singapore has every resource to contain and control this rampaging, smug virus.  And indeed the promise is kept, and they are continuing to do so to make sure this vow is not broken.  Besides the above, we are motivated constantly to pay attention to personal and public hygiene, have awareness, to play our individual part to contribute to the safety of each and every one. 

This unforgiving pathogen has caused unsurpassed damages to so many human beings worldwide.  Although we are attempting the utmost efforts to contain this bacterium, still it does not stop spreading around the globe, and its pace is way beyond we can catch up with. 

The world is engulfed by this escalating epidemic trend, and we do not know how long this pandemic is going to last. And the mixed information received on this new evil makes the trend so much more unpredictable. With so many mortalities announced officially over the news, we know that we are tussling with something sinisterly humongous.   Many nations are now fighting COVID, some struggling tremendously, some managed to contain and suppress it for as long a period as possible.  But for sure, we know very well that the world is battling it with whatever resources they have. 

While working at battling COVID, we are also not forgetting and abandoning the original love, passion of engaging and pursuing the things we like to do.  By doing so, we keep the world pulsating with optimism and hope.  For BrewRatio, our way of doing this is by not letting the pathogen stop us from delivering the goodness, the best of coffee and its related resources to you.  It does not mean that the world will stop rotating just because this epidemic is here.  We at BrewRatio sincerely hope that the goodness we deliver will eliminate the stale ambience of the present situation.  Let’s stay united as one, and brace for whatever may come from this global pandemic – most importantly, love, keep on going, we and the world as one, will overcome.

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